Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting Land for Sale

Whats my land worth or what is its value?

Thats a tough one to answer because pricea vary so much depending on the region. Properties also vary based on condition, timber values, Ag or Tillable rents, access for hunting, high/low ground etc. We have the Sellers price, Market / comp price, and then the Buyers price range. It's our job to get those pieces of the puzzle put together and everyone on the same page!

What makes you different that the other agents in the Bluff Country area?

  • I have spent 18 years filming TV shows with professional hunters and land managers. I've basically earned a phd in hunting and farm setup and land management for trophy whitetails properties. I'm not a social media expert but I have been around the world learning about wildlife and hunting land management for 200+ days a year over the past 18 years.
  • The marketing mindset I've picked up from top tier companies in the business over the years. I apply a lot of that to my marketing here locally. I try not to approach the sales side of real estate with a typical agents mind set of "stick it on the MLS" and hope for the best! It takes several platforms to compete, local EDDM post cards, personal land owner letters, phone calls, meeting clients based on THEIR schedule,, web analytics - data driven marketing, professionally filmed video and photos taken for each listing, the list goes on and on... and YES I pay for all of that marketing.
  • Flat out EFFORT! I've always been an early riser and not afraid of hard work! I want my clients and customers to see that I work hard for them! I don't want them to feel how I felt when I paid a "real estate agent" to sell property for me many years ago.

What kind of property do you sell or specialize in?

We specialize in any property outside the city limits. I specialize in selling hunting land, Ag/tillable land, Country 比特币合约交易地址_合约交易ahomes, Lake Shore Property, Dairy farms, Hobby farms, the unique and special as well!

As a seller, there are sometimes concerns about quality buyers. Do you have a GOOD buyer out there?

Yes, I have several pre qualified buyers looking for premium properties. Sellers want a good care taker to pass their property on to. Its not as much finding A buyer, as it is finding the RIGHT buyer for the seller to feel comfortable passing on their property. I feel that is more than 75% of the decision maker, on a offer to purchase situation.

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